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Diamond Cowry Shell

Almasika‘s smooth and shiny Cowry necklace, one of designer Catherine Sarr’s first designs, is a 18K yellow gold necklace embedded with white diamonds. The name Almasika stems from “Almasi”, the Swahili word for diamond and “Sika” meaning gold in several West African languages, evoking the strength of two natural treasures intrinsically linked with the continent. Inspired by the […]

Over The Rainbow

Sometimes we just do need this pop of color. Even when it comes to jewelry. Since it’s Spring and Summer is getting closer, the Yas Enamel necklace by Lei Van Kash is a multi color necklace which can do the job perfectly. Perfect for your summer necklace layer! The Yas necklace is litterally the star of the l’Etoile De Botteh […]


Summer is getting closer and Zara Simon’s newest collection couldn’t be any more perfect than this. Her newest Tropics collection is a fun and vibrant collection. Tropical paradise with sparkling and color tones! The jewelry pieces are each made of in 9 carat solid gold with some pieces in silver. Included in the collection are […]

Protection & Believes

Not this long ago I came across Céline d’Aoust online, Instagram I think. Anyways, I instantly got lovestruck with a necklace. Its shape was so gorgeous & girly but this combined with a gorgeous tourmaline stone made it all. Sublime! Plus I adore tourmalines because of their variety of colors. But the more pink, the more I like […]


Tine Lindhard has designed an elegant necklace in 18 kt. gold pendant with a 0.10 ct. brilliant cut diamond. The Pomander pendant with its small diamond allows you to carry your favorite fragrance around the neck and at the same time save your body from direct contact with perfume. On the chain is a beautiful little dark […]

RENVI Jewelry

RENVI is an exclusive jewelry line whose mission is to draw from architectural design around the world in order to build beautiful jewelry pieces that reflect the worldly sophistication and refinement of its clientele. As you can see in the images, their pieces are greek & roman-inspired. Designer Morgan Cleary takes inspiration from ancient architecture. As you can […]

Print collection

LZZR has launched its newest collection, Print. The collection is an extension of the previous collections: Reck and Case. This time around, designer Lizz wanted to take the architectural elements we know and love and put a refined twist on them. “Print is about bold statements and easy-to-wear staples”, she says. LZZR is a sustainable jewelry line with nice minimalistic […]


I find Dylanlex pieces amazing. Bold, sparkling but also badass. Jewelry for rad ladies. Happy when I received the newsletter in my mailbox last week. A new collection…click, click…swoon. You get the point. Amazeness. Drew’s newest collection, #FOMO, now includes new ring styles and neckpieces but what is particularly new to Dylanlex are bracelets. From all […]