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Scarab Beetles

Scarabs are often used in jewelry. In every way possible. I absolutely adore those necklaces by Helene Zubeldia. Big, bold and irrediscent. A bit magical too. But also very mesmerizing. Her scarab necklaces are made of metals, swarovski crystals and graphical lines. Each is different but all are sumptuous scultral pieces if you’re asking me.


Not the brand but the ring. I came across Aliki Stroumpouli via instagram a few weeks ago and this contemporary ring instantly got me. The Hermes ring is a well-chosen name for this design as the designer herself is Greek and you clearly can see the influences in the design. The wings give the design that mythological touch.


My latest crush is Anahita. Based in New York, designer Anahita Guitystein creates sculptural pieces with feminine details. “I would describe my aesthetic as a study in contrasts between delicate and bold.” says Anahita. Born in Iran and raised in Europe and the United States, Anahita is influenced by the images and motifs in the […]

Summer Wishlist

It’s summer and our summer holiday is getting closer day by day. This year -ten days to go!- my lover and I are going to Fuerteventura-which is an island. Sun, sea, beach and just the two of us. Heaven! So I have been thinking to make a summer wishlist (as I did last year). Some […]

Dendrite Quartz

Besides this neckpiece being pretty and stylish, the reason I picked it is because of the stone. Dendrite quartz as it is being called. I adore staring at dendrite quartz! It is like little branches trapped in a stone. It has patterns which look like a fossilized plant. Multi-branching but also looking a bit like a […]

Atelier Zobel

The Germany-based line Atelier Zobel is all about one-of-a-kind pieces. “Each piece is unique because each person is unique.” says designer Peter Schmid. His designs are quite visual with remarkable colors, textures, shapes, and forms. Every aspect of those pieces are flamboyant and dramatic.

Lara Melchior

My today’s crush are the jewels by Lara Melchior. The Parisian designer has launched her brand in 2010 and creates beautiful fine jewelry. The pieces which really stand out are her single earrings and stunning honeycomb rings. At least, those are my favorites. Those pretty jewels instantly caught my attention. And haven’t left it ever […]

Erica Molinari

Erica Molinari‘s charms are so so so good. They kinda remind me of the St-Christopher charms and other spirituals. But Erica hers are way better, of course. Her detailed designs are sophisticated and unique to all. Combine on, two or three pendants together and you have another necklace each time. From bees to skulls to symbols. She […]