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Sixteen Carat Slice

Sometimes, I crush over necklaces. And this one is not that hard to have a crush on, don’t you agree? In all its simplicity it ain’t just a ‘simple’ necklace. This Sixteen Carat Slice pendant (yes, 16!) by Saqqara, founded by Lady Nuttall, is a stunning luxurious piece, obviously. With its dainty diamond chain holding a […]

Cat’s Eye necklace

I’m so happy today to share with you in all exclusivity this fabulous victorian neckpiece which is called Cat’s Eye and which is in the hands of Jogani Berverly Hills. Jogani focuses on bringing only the finest examples of artistry and craftsmanship, the most special stones, and pieces of enduring value and significance. This amazing neckpiece […]

Masonic Ball

I have been looking for a Masonic orb pendant ince two years now. Not that these pendants are rare, but they can be quite pricey. Finally, with some patience, I have found one which perfectly fitted my budget. Couldn’t be more happy with it! Masonic ball pendants, also called Masonic orbs are highly prized as […]

Elisabeth Bell : Thorns

My current necklace crush…well, let’s say crushes are Elisabeth Bell’s one-of-a-kind Thorn necklaces. The Pink Opal Thorn necklace and Diamond Thorn Tourmaline necklace are each necklace with unique stones hanging  from a diamond thorn. Elisabeth was in Germany a few years back and there were these incredible trees covered in thorns, like nothing she had ever seen before. “I thought that […]

Black Ishq

A sculptor and self-taught jewelry designer, Ana-Katarina launched her eco-conscious fine jewelry line bearing her name. Fusing design elements inspired by the natural world, antiquity and architecture, Ana-Katarina’s jewelry collection represents a modern yet culturally diverse voice in a singular authentic expression. One of these wonderful piece I have fallen for is the Black Ishq ring. This ring […]


Mesmerized as soon I saw Inesiene jewelry. Oh, yes, that I was for sure. You may know (or not) I like snake jewelry. Inesiene was a snake-gasm! Designer Ines Niesto reinterprets ancient designs with modern engineering, mainly greco-roman, and incorporate the finest stones. Ines’ background is in art. She studied art history and worked in the art world for […]

Kat Florence Paraiba Tourmaline necklace

Now tell me, how gorgeous is this unique 98.50 carat Paraiba Tourmaline necklace by Kat Florence. The necklace includes 145 grams of 18k gold, 1842 diamonds including 23.84 carats of VVS1 diamonds and the 98.50carat Paraiba Tourmaline center piece. “When I first saw this stone I wanted to set it in a jewelry piece with diamonds […]

Butterflies & Moons

Paradise! That’s the first thought that crosses my mind when looking at Sarah Richey‘s two newest collections. Perhaps ‘Eden’ might be a fit better. Sarah has created two different collections, Butterfly Tourmaline & Moon collections. Both collections are different but are magnificent.