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Cat’s Eye necklace

I’m so happy today to share with you in all exclusivity this fabulous victorian neckpiece which is called Cat’s Eye and which is in the hands of Jogani Berverly Hills. Jogani focuses on bringing only the finest examples of artistry and craftsmanship, the most special stones, and pieces of enduring value and significance. This amazing neckpiece […]

Dendrite Quartz

Besides this neckpiece being pretty and stylish, the reason I picked it is because of the stone. Dendrite quartz as it is being called. I adore staring at dendrite quartz! It is like little branches trapped in a stone. It has patterns which look like a fossilized plant. Multi-branching but also looking a bit like a […]

Déchainée Choker

The Déchainée collection by Annelise Michelson…where to start with? Annelise’s pieces are feminine, sculptural and edgy. That she proved once more with this FW14 collection. Every piece is coherent. And bold. And amazingly rad. The Déchainée choker is made of huge links, broken links actually, with a smooth band at the back. The entire collection – which is comprised […]

Beetle Wings

  I am always stunned when seeing things made with beetle wings. The Elytra collection by Catie Curran Designs is a great example. Catie’s collection is made of beetle wings, from neckpieces to brooches. One of my favorites is the Coxa neckpiece. This piece embodies the idea of sprouting wings and flying. As a piece from […]

Fractured Columns

  Exceptional. That’s the word that came to my mind when I look and think of Completedworks‘ jewelry pieces. Each piece is inspired by ruins. architectural ruins. It’s their signature (collection) and I dig it a lot. The rings are fabulous just as the bracelets, necklaces and earrings. so today I am bringing to you […]