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LoriAnn Jewelry : Modern Renaissance

I truly love this time of the year. Not because of the weather or season changes. No. It’s all the new collections we get to discover. New creations have been designed and brought to life by jewelry designers. One of them is Lori Friedman of LoriAnn Jewelry. Her newest collection is called Modern Renaissance. A […]

Harvey Owen – Hues

Ahhh, such a pretty collection by Harvey Owen, a British fine jewelry brand co-founded by Hallam Harvey and Owen Bather. I’m personally a huge fan of sapphires so this new collection really speaks to me. Meet their Hues Collection, a collection of one-of-a-kind sapphire pendant. Each with different shapes and colors. Every sapphire is unique […]

ZAHN-Z Paper Windmill ring

ZAHN-Z : Paper Windmill ring

As an admirer of ZAHN-Z’s Nostalgia Collection, I can only but love the newest member. First of all, let me tell you about the collection by creative designer Hiba. Think of all the things you used to love as a kid. Toys, candy, board games… Hiba is bringing things to life again, in jewelry form. […]

Studio DUSA : Gemma Collection

Hadas Cohen, sustainable fine jewelry designer of Studio DUSA has launched her newest collection! The Gemma Collection. But first thing first, let’s meet Hadas and her brand: Studio DUSA is a sustainable fine jewelry brand based in Tel Aviv. “The name DUSA is my childhood nickname given by my mother and it gives me great […]

Misko Jewellery

Love Notes – Miško Jewellery

Jewelry with hidden details. Details you as the wearer are the only one to know or to see. Ah, so special. So intimate. I love such pieces. Miško Jewellery created the Love Notes ring. A ring that looks traditional at first sight, but it isn’t.At first glance, you might think it is an eternity band. […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s been quite a year for me as a new mom. It’s been a year for everyone, that’s for sure.As blogging isn’t my fulltime job (it’s not even a job), it no longer ain’t easy for me to combine Made of Jewelry with my actual daytime job and a one-year old. So I’m glad I […]

Catherine Michiels : beads and charms

I couldn’t find a creative title so for now, I’ll go with this, might change later. Maybe not! But we’re not here to discuss a title. Today I want to show you two pieces by artisan Catherine Michiels, a Belgian artist working and living in Honolulu, Hawaii. All creations carry a spiritual consciousness shared by […]

Holiday Gift Guide

Here it is, better late than never, our annual Holiday Gift Guide.It has been quite a year for all of us. This COVID-19 has messed up everyone’s lives and businesses. It is making people sick or even worse.But let’s not go into this topic today. On our side over here, we’ve welcomed our baby girl […]