Maggi Simpkins
Ellie Lee Fine Jewelry

Lizzie Mandler : Liquid Gold

Designer Lizzie Mandler, who started in the business at the age of 16, has launched a new collection, called Liquid Gold, and opened her first retail store in LA last year. She sure has been a busy bee! Lizzie creates handmade effortless and desirable jewelry. She has always been true to her aesthetic as well. […]

Casa Cuellar

Cuellar Jewelry is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Julio and Marcella, the husband and wife duo, have rebranded in that honor. Let me re-introduce (see my first Cuellar post here) you to the new Casa Cuellar. Julio started his craft ten years ago while Marcella has been a tattoo artist for some time (and still is). […]

Jewel Lover : Jade Ruzzo

Let’s meet Jade Ruzzo. Jade is a New York-based jewelry designer and a mother to a 4.5 year old daughter, Gloria. She lives in the Hudson Valley of New York and operates her business from New York City. She studied at FIT and worked for a decade in fashion and personal styling. After having her […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers are unique and strong beings. They’re special, exceptional. Express your appreciation with a thoughtful gift or gesture. Give her a call. Write your mom a letter. Anything. Let her know you appreciate her and that she is loved. Moms need to hear this more often. And if you’re the mom reading this, remember, you […]

Kimberly Doyle : Gemagotchi

Oh, the excitement I felt when Kimberly Doyle shared (on Instagram) about her latest creation! I’ve always adored her Lucky Rabbit pendant and the Light pieces. And the Karat Jack concept, of course. Kimberly has such an amazing brain and imagination. But then… Hello GEMAGOTCHI! I couldn’t have imagined this even in my wildest dreams! […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Yes, yes, yes…it’s here! Our Valentine’s Day gift Guide is filled with hearts, red-colored gems and everything I think would make a great piece to gift. Either to your favorite person or yourself. Because self-love counts too on this day, right?I hope this Gift Guide will inspire you! Here is a little fragment for you […]

Helena Rose Jewelry : Peace and Love ring

A few months ago, friends and designers Orly and Sharon of Helena Rose Jewelry launched their captivating Peace pendants. These pieces boast not only aesthetic appeal but also a thoughtful use of materials. For example the bail, which is now a signature style, is square-ish and it also works as a clip-on, making it effortlessly […]