NeverNot : Travel

As you can tell by the title, NeverNot‘s newest collection is inspired by travel. Travel as in adventurous trips, and visiting new destinations. Things I’m sure most of us really love to do and love to explore.
And what are the first things crossing your mind when you think of “traveling”? Yes, that’s right! Summer days, suitcases, and sunglasses!
The new Travel Collection will launch online next week but here you can already get a taste of the new pieces. Each design is true to NeverNot‘s signature style: eclectic and colorful. That’s exactly what I also always loved about the brand. If you are a fan of colorful fine jewelry which also evoke joy, be sure to check out all the previous collections here.

Back to the Travel Collection. “We came up with the idea of luxurious jewels set in suitcase-shaped statement necklaces and pieces that remind you of the panoramic views and sunsets,
watching the sky and packing for holidays with travel essentials like sunglasses, packing suitcases, and dreaming of new travel destinations.” – as told by the Co-founders of NeverNot, Nina Dzhokhadze and Natia Chkhartishvili.
“The NeverNoT luggage takes you around the world, inspired by different
destinations, focused on different seasons of traveling, whether it’s a winter ski, safari adventure, island hopping, or sunset watching.
When to take this all in, your sunglasses accompany you as you view the
beauties of the world, expanding your vision – a different frame for each memory.”

Each has a dreamy destination name such as Flamingo Sunset and Safari Heat.

The Travel suitcase necklaces and Sunglasses are crafted in gold and hard stones: malachite, bulls
eye, black and white mother of pearl, lapis lazuli and opal in different colors and
diamonds, including the first ever piece in white gold for the brand.
The Suitcases also come in a smaller version, the Weekend Trip. This one comes in plain gold and all diamonds as pictured above, in the first collage.
Let me know your thoughts on the collection below or on IG.

All images and video thanks to NeverNot | Collages by MoJ