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What others say about MoJ

“I honestly feel Made of Jewelry is so unique and I love how Sophie mixes featuring current designers, unique jewelry themes as well as combining the two subjects. I also love the thoughtful and freshly designed layout. Thank you for showing the world the immense beauty and symbolism behind great jewellery.”
Brooke Gregson brooke gregson

Made of Jewelry is a tremendous resource for all jewelry enthusiasts. From the casual follower to industry experts, there is something for everyone.Whether an introduction to a new designer, an update on an established retailer or a profile on an overlooked gem, Sophie highlights the beauty and creativity that is the jewelry industry. Her genuine enthusiasm and passion shines through with every post. I always look forward to seeing what Sophie uncovers next!
Melissa KayeMelissa Kaye Logo

“I call Sophie, whom I have never met, ‘sweet Sophie’… As her kindness and generosity come across in all that she shares via MOJ. To my great surprise and delight, she first shared a set of my rings on her instagram last year. My page lit up, and her post attracted many new followers to my account. I feel honoured each time she has shared something of mine, as I love her taste! Recently she featured a blog post about one of my new rings. I invented the wave prong, due to my dislike of typical prongs and my Love of the sea. I Love the piece she shared! Sometimes, as cool as it is to have ones work featured, people don’t always get the info or inspiration right. Sophie shared the essence of the creation and its intention clearly, as well as her own wonderful insights. I appreciate Sophie and how she so kindly helps designers reach people we may not have otherwise reached. Thank you Sophie for all you do, and most of all, who you are!!!”
– Jessica from YUMILUVyumi

“I love reading the Made of Jewelry blog!  Sophie highlights everything there is to know about the jewelry world from her unique perspective of an industry “outsider”.  What I mean by this is that she’s not a Gemologist or industry “expert”, and yet she’s able to hone in on amazing undiscovered talents and incredible pieces that her followers love to see!!  I use Sophie’s blog as a Guide for exploring new designers and lines!  And what I love about her new “Jewel Lovers” column is that she’s bringing those designers’ voices to her audience.  ”
Stephanie Gottlieb stephanie gottlieb

“I love Made of Jewelry. Sophie has a keen eye for the uniquily beautiful. In an indutry that is so over saturated with the same product, she find pieces and jewelers that are a depature from the “norm”. MOJ is such a wonderful outlet, a fresh introduction to the true artisan. Thank you Sophie for opening us up to a world of shiny sparkly gems and bringing us together with your love and passion for jewels!”
Elisabeth Bell elisabeth bell

“Made of Jewelry is a gem! Sophie is always able to inspire her readers by sharing really beautiful jewellery that’s often hard to find. She features a mix of vintage and new designer pieces and is an amazing resource for style and design inspiration. What really makes MOJ special is that it’s perfect for retail buyers, stylists and editors looking to discover emerging, unique designers who’s collections are likely to take off. Unlike other jewellery blogs, MOJ is not just about high-end sparkly diamonds, but is about curating exceptional pieces and sharing them with a loyal audience of jewel lovers of all kinds.”
Laurie Fleming laurie fleming

“Sharing my piece with Sophie at Made of Jewelry was like returning to the imaginative, creative process I partake with each design.  She is truly engaged and fascinated by the jewels and their story.  As a designer you rarely get to share such intimate details about the journey you take as you attempt to narrate your feelings through your work.  The process was extremely rewarding – thank you Sophie! I loved sharing with MoJ.”
– Kristy Florence from Kat Florence kat florence

“I love MoJ. It gives me inspiration every day and I always know I can find a new brand to covet, buy or suggest to a friend.”
Alana Hadid
(Founder of Current Moji , designer at La Detresse, designer at Hadid Eyewear & half-sister to Bella and Gigi Hadid)

“I’ve followed MoJ on Instagram for a long time now–I just love scrolling through daily and seeing the gorgeous sparkly things she posts daily. I’m a jewelry fanatic and MoJ understands my obsession!!”
Jennifer Finnigan
(actress best known for her roles in The Bold & The Beautiful as Bridget Foster and Tyrant as Molly Al-Fayeed)