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Jewel Lover : Dominique

Ever since I started the blog and so also my IG account, I follow some fellow jewel lovers and drool over their personal collection. A few years ago I came across Dominique hers, @henridominiquejewelry. As you can see on there, Dominique is a GIA educated passionate jewelry buyer-collector and wearer. And I always love what […]

Jewel Lover : Shira Rose

Hi lovers! Let’s welcome Shira Rose, style blogger at A Sequin Love Affair to the Jewel Lovers-club! I’ve been following Shira since quite a while now on Instagram. I love her style, pop of colors, pretty nails and bold lipcolors (which btw suit her so well!). I which I could wear colors just as good as […]

Jewel Lover : Lauren Havens

Next up in our Jewel Lover series is Lauren Havens, whom I’m obsessed with. I mean, if you’re into earpieces/piercing…she has ears to envy! Besides pretty adorned ears (and purple hair) she happens to work at Ylang 23, as Director of Sales FYI. She works at source you guys!! If I’d be her, I wouldn’t […]

Jewel Lover : Brooke

Ever since I started the Jewel Lover series in 2014, and actually ever since I started the blog, I love to see what random people wear and how they style their jewelery. As a jewelry insider it’s a pleasure to see every now and then how Brooke, who works for Jacquie Aiche FYI, styles her […]

Jewel Lover : Stephanie Gottlieb

It’s always a pleasure to have fellow jewel lovers sharing their most cherished and favorite pieces from their personal collection. So interesting to take a peek at someone’s jewelrybox. This time I asked jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb to open her box for us! My name is Stephanie Gottlieb and I started my business Stephanie Gottlieb […]