Emporium is a series in which Made of Jewelry introduces you jewelry retailers and more details about their business/company and the founders themselves. From vintage jewelry to contemporary, you’ll get to know more about these creatives.


emporium-pdv-madeofjewelry emporium-theoneilove-madeofjewelry emporium-trumpetandhorn-madeofjewelry
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Β emporium-brokenenglish-madeofjewelry Β emporium-barbedwire--madeofjewelry Β emporium-ylang23-madeofjewelry
Β emporium - no3 - madeofjewelry Β  Β emporium - pieces of mine - madeofjewelry
Β emporium - swoonery - madeofjewelry Β emporium - local eclectic - madeofjewelry Β emporium - ring concierge - madeofjewelry
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