Hi! I am Sophie, Founder & Blogger of Made of Jewelry which I founded in July 2013.
I’ve just turned 30 and am based in Europe, in tiny little Belgium.
When I came up with the idea to start a jewelry blog, I actually did not know at all what I was doing or what my plans were. While setting up the blog itself and its social media platform, I learned more about this magnificent world of jewelry.

With this jewelry blog I want to share and show you what I discover, my jewelry interests, crushes etc…call it a journey.
I might not be a gemologist or a jewelry insider but I try my best to find and share my love for jewelry with you. This is a hobby (well, call it an obsession) and I love what I do.
I’m just a jewelry passionate like you and I’m here to learn and to share this all with you! Made of Jewelry is here to let you discover about all the gems and designers from around the world and is always on the look for new and emerging designers.

Made of Jewelry has grown to a place where you can find information about designers and their fabulous designs.
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