Cat’s Eye necklace

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I’m so happy today to share with you in all exclusivity this fabulous victorian neckpiece which is called Cat’s Eye and which is in the hands of Jogani Berverly Hills.
Jogani focuses on bringing only the finest examples of artistry and craftsmanship, the most special stones, and pieces of enduring value and significance.
This amazing neckpiece is all of that. It is an incredible antique find, with experts in the industry suggesting that it is 160-180 years old. This piece is not only beautiful but also fascinating and special.

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The reason why this magnificant piece is called the “Cat’s Eye” is really simple:
it’s because of the gemstones it is set with.
At Jogani they call it the Cat’s Eye necklace because of the unique and special property of chatoyancy (chat which is French for cat) possessed by the cabochon stones: that bright stripe of reflected light highlighting each stone. This band of reflected light appears to move underneath the surface of the stone as the viewer shifts her perspective, following the viewer like a cat’s eye.
More about chatoyancy here.


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Unfortunately the exact history of the piece has been lost but it was at one time owned by royalty.
A few things make it special: Some of the most knowledgeable minds in the antique jewelry community, as told above,  have placed it at 160-180 years old — a Victorian piece, by all appearances. The fact that its full story is lost to the ages is part of the piece’s enchantment. You look at it and wonder what society lady wore this, what her life was like, what the events were like that she must have worn it to. It transports the person looking at it. It sparks the imagination.
I can imagine a lady dressed up with a wonderful greenish gown, her hair all done and wearing gloves coming down the stairs wearing the Cat’s Eye necklace around her neck while holding a fan in her hand. A neckpiece perhaps which was gifted to her by her husband. Who knows!

“The necklace is also in remarkably good condition. It’s totally wearable. For it to still move smoothly and never threaten to fall apart at this age (pushing 200 years!) tells jewelers at Jogani’s that it’s incredibly well made. When people handle it they don’t get the slightest impression that it’s ancient or particularly delicate.” explains Anup Jogani,

Why else is it special? The materials in the necklace are astonishing: high end today, and certainly astronomically special during the era in which it was made. Diamond, quartz, sapphire, chrysoberyl, garnet, alexandrite — use of these materials speaks to the type of maker, the type of artistic intent, and the type of purchaser that must have been involved with this piece. Not only that, but the sheer weight and number of cabochon stones (50 cabochons!) makes it rare and exceptional for a Victorian piece.
Anup tells: “I certainly don’t recall seeing another piece of jewelry of that vintage with anything like the volume of stones that this necklace boasts. It’s a show stopper today, in my humble opinion. In 1840 at a society event… I cannot even imagine!”

This magnificent neckpiece is, as described in the certificate below, impressive. And beyond.

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[All images and info thanks to Jogani]