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Mesmerized as soon I saw Inesiene jewelry. Oh, yes, that I was for sure. You may know (or not) I like snake jewelry. Inesiene was a snake-gasm!
Designer Ines Niesto reinterprets ancient designs with modern engineering, mainly greco-roman, and incorporate the finest stones. Ines’ background is in art. She studied art history and worked in the art world for over 5 years and she tends to draw inspiration from ancient mediterranean cultures for her designs. Glad to see this all in her creations.
All of her pieces are made in 18 carat gold with precious stones and diamonds. Magnificent details everywhere.

 photo Inesiene-amphora-necklaces-madeofjewelry_zpsyqvr34jc.jpg
The Amphora is a 18K yellow gold necklace with rubies, diamonds, sapphire and lapis lazuli enamel. The details are fascinating.
The necklace is inspired by an ancient etruscan piece 4th century BC and looks amazing. Beautiful from every angle.

 photo insiene-london-madeofjewelry_zpso2y9bwfo.jpgHow stunning does she look wearing the Amphora necklace and a ruby Pollen ring?

 photo Inesiene-danae-earrings-madeofjewelry_zpsdcgngq4c.jpg
The Danae earrings are 18 K yellow gold snake earrings with natural turquoise, rubies and sapphires. Snakes which graciously are dangling down your ears.


 photo Inesiene-pollen-rings-madeofjewelry_zpsoz40bajd.jpg
 photo Inesiene-pollen-rings--madeofjewelry_zpse4ffrees.jpg

Pollen rings come in ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond. In 18 K yellow or rose gold.
These rings are inspired by classical Greco-roman filigrees.

This was probably Ines’ last collection. But no tears! She is now concentrating on making one or two very high end pieces per year and on high end bespoke pieces. Looking forward to see more of Inesiene in the future!




[All images thanks to Inesiene]