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If you are a lover of antique and vintage-inspired rings, than you must cotinue reading because I am super excited to share with you about Erstwhile founded by Alisa and her husband Jared. Erstwhile is a NYC showroom curating exquisite bridal and vintage jewelry. Renowned for antique and vintage engagement rings from the 1880s to the 1940s. In […]


Margaret Cross is the fabulous designer behind Goldengrove Jewelry. She designs victorian sentimental and mourning inspired jewelry, handmade in Brooklyn using recycled metals and ethically sourced stones. The name Goldengrove comes from the 1918 Gerard Hopkins poem ‘Spring and Fall’ (read below). Margaret’s name, the poem and her inspiration make it all very clear why […]

December Birthstone

/> The last birthstone of the year…so I decided to go for the two known stones of this month: Turquoise and Tanzanite. This little selection speaks for itself. Gorgeous stones make beautiful jewelry. 😉 Tanzanite has a beautiful blue color, lighter than sapphire but looking a alike even though, kinda violet-blue. The turquoise, a blue-green […]

Kings & Queens

I admire many jewelry designers. It’s always facinating to discover them and their new creations. Michelle Fantaci is one of those. Ever since I created this blog, I kept on following her work. Some time ago (last year actually) she launched her new pieces, called Chess Collection,  and I was instantly in love with the […]

Walters Faith Fluted Band ring

This Fluted Band ring as featured by today, is one of Walters Faith signature pieces called Clive. Strong and bold fluted rings. These rings will last a lifetime without a doubt. Walters Faith was founded in 2013 by Mollie Good and Stephanie Abramow. The line melds the elegance of timeless jewelry with the principles of modern design. As you can clearly […]


During my visit in Paris to WHITE bIRD jewellery, I had a crush on one of Brooke Gregson‘s rings. As a fan of her work, I already got excited to see her pieces for the first time by myself. And there she was, a beautiful boulder opal ring caught my attention. She mezmerised me with its beautiful […]

Q&A with Digby & Iona

The designer behind Digby & Iona – Aaron Ruff – makes handmade rings, necklaces, and cuffs for men and women in his Brooklyn studio. This guy is a great craftsman. His detailed pieces are truly amazing. Very whimsical as well. At least to me! Classy, dainty but also unique. Besides this and men’s jewelry, Aaron also creates some […]


I love geometry and I love multidimensional jewelry. And so I’m finally featuring one of John Brevard fabulous rings.  Even been thinking to perhaps purchase their Framed Mini ring. The very first John Brevard ring crush I had is the Tetra Full Pavé diamond ring. Oh gosh, such an incredible piece!  But today’s beauty I’m talking about is the Stellated ring. This […]