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If you are a lover of antique and vintage-inspired rings, than you must cotinue reading because I am super excited to share with you about Erstwhile founded by Alisa and her husband Jared. Erstwhile is a NYC showroom curating exquisite bridal and vintage jewelry. Renowned for antique and vintage engagement rings from the 1880s to the 1940s. In […]

Masonic Ball

I have been looking for a Masonic orb pendant ince two years now. Not that these pendants are rare, but they can be quite pricey. Finally, with some patience, I have found one which perfectly fitted my budget. Couldn’t be more happy with it! Masonic ball pendants, also called Masonic orbs are highly prized as […]

Fellows Auction

Are you such a jewel lover as I am? Then this post might interest you very, very much. Especially if you like antique and vintage jewelry. Fellows, based in the UK, has auctions every now and then. Worthy to check it out once in a while to discover you might want to add to your […]

Q&A with Trumpet & Horn

Today I have a little Q&A for you with Kelly, Director of Marketing (but also social media manager and photographer!), of  Trumpet & Horn. The T&H company is owned by Jerry Heidenreich (Owner & Buyer), along with his twin brother Tommy (Director of Sales) and his wife, Kim, who also does sales. They also have two fantastic women […]

Year Date Ring

Like every antique or vintage ring, they each have their own story to tell. The past few days I have been looking for date rings.  These date (year) rings commemorate a particualar event such as an anniversary, birth, wedding but most of these are graduation/class rings. If you are interested in those rings, happy hunting to […]


  Gosh, I adore lockets. I always got fascinated by them because it’s a piece you not just wear but also can open. As if a secret message could be hidden in it. These are jewelry pieces with something within, waiting there for you to discover. That’s actually what I love about vintage jewels in general, […]

Arik Kastan’s ring bling

  If you are a jewelry enthusiast, than you cannot not love Arik Kastan. You would love every single ring, every single necklace (Cluster Padlock!), every bracelet and every pair of earrings. Hmhm, I’m telling you. In case you don’t know Arik Kastan…just not yet, be sure to take a closer look at these rings […]