Year Date Ring

 photo YearDateRing-TheEdenCollective-1926-madeofjewelry_zps0c4a816e.jpgLike every antique or vintage ring, they each have their own story to tell.
The past few days I have been looking for date rings.  These date (year) rings commemorate a particualar event such as an anniversary, birth, wedding but most of these are graduation/class rings.
If you are interested in those rings, happy hunting to you because they aren’t easy to find.

Click on the images to find out more about each ring:

 photo YearDateRing-BelmarJewelers-madeofjewelry_zps86b8d0fb.jpg

 photo YearDateRing-ErieCanalCollectors-94-madeofjewelry_zps8f871bf1.jpg

 photo YearDateRing-ErieCanalCollectors-1942-madeofjewelry_zps27649913.jpg

 photo YearDateRing-TheEdenCollective-1935-madeofjewelry_zps6140b070.jpg

 photo YearDateRing-TheEdenCollective-1928-madeofjewelry_zps0555c8be.jpg

 photo YearDateRing-PoorMouchette-madeofjewelry_zpsae1c83c9.jpg




[All images via The Eden CollectiveErie Canal CollectorsBelmar Jewelers and Poor Mouchette]