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Masonic Ball

I have been looking for a Masonic orb pendant ince two years now. Not that these pendants are rare, but they can be quite pricey. Finally, with some patience, I have found one which perfectly fitted my budget. Couldn’t be more happy with it! Masonic ball pendants, also called Masonic orbs are highly prized as […]

Lara Melchior

My today’s crush are the jewels by Lara Melchior. The Parisian designer has launched her brand in 2010 and creates beautiful fine jewelry. The pieces which really stand out are her single earrings and stunning honeycomb rings. At least, those are my favorites. Those pretty jewels instantly caught my attention. And haven’t left it ever […]

Erica Molinari

Erica Molinari‘s charms are so so so good. They kinda remind me of the St-Christopher charms and other spirituals. But Erica hers are way better, of course. Her detailed designs are sophisticated and unique to all. Combine on, two or three pendants together and you have another necklace each time. From bees to skulls to symbols. She […]

Diamond Cowry Shell

Almasika‘s smooth and shiny Cowry necklace, one of designer Catherine Sarr’s first designs, is a 18K yellow gold necklace embedded with white diamonds. The name Almasika stems from “Almasi”, the Swahili word for diamond and “Sika” meaning gold in several West African languages, evoking the strength of two natural treasures intrinsically linked with the continent. Inspired by the […]


Tine Lindhard has designed an elegant necklace in 18 kt. gold pendant with a 0.10 ct. brilliant cut diamond. The Pomander pendant with its small diamond allows you to carry your favorite fragrance around the neck and at the same time save your body from direct contact with perfume. On the chain is a beautiful little dark […]

Holly Dyment

When it comes to designer Holly Dyment‘ work, all I can say it’s a unique style. The kind of jewelry which makes you smile and feel some joy inside you. At least, that’s what they evoke to me when looking at them (even on images!). No classic jewelry pieces but that’s what make them stand […]

Pink Topaz

  All eyes on the Westside pendant, which is part of Alexandra Alberta‘s Bourgeoisie collection. Yup, all eyes on i because there is no doubt that when wearing this necklace it doesn’t get noticed. The pendant includes a beautiful emerald cut pink topaz and above it an oval cut citrine stone. And if you look […]

Seed of Gold

  Inspired by the histories of Alchemy; exploring the mysteries of creation, working on an intellectual or solar consciousness level to transmute base metals into pure gold. We all know the triangular symbols/elements  for ‘air’,’water’, ‘fire’ and ‘earth’. Maybe including some other symbols. If you are fascinated or have any interest about these symbols, then […]