Holly Dyment

 photo HollyDyment-BeyondTheMag-madeofjewelry_zpsxhq0wsxa.jpg
When it comes to designer Holly Dyment‘ work, all I can say it’s a unique style.
The kind of jewelry which makes you smile and feel some joy inside you. At least, that’s what they evoke to me when looking at them (even on images!).
No classic jewelry pieces but that’s what make them stand out from all the others.
Holly Dyment Jewelry is fun imagnitive fine jewelry.
See below for a glimpse at my favorite pieces.

 photo HollyDyment-rings-madeofjewelry
 photo HollyDyment-cloud-madeofjewelry_zpsmpqzc6vq.jpg
 photo HollyDyment-Pendant-madeofjewelry


 P.S.: Lip cuffs as pictured above are by Nora Kogan


[All images via Holly Dyment Jewelry and Tory Rust Photography]