Seed of Gold

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Inspired by the histories of Alchemy; exploring the mysteries of creation, working on an intellectual or solar consciousness level to transmute base metals into pure gold.
We all know the triangular symbols/elements  for ‘air’,’water’, ‘fire’ and ‘earth’. Maybe including some other symbols. If you are fascinated or have any interest about these symbols, then the Seed Of Gold collection by Anonymous of 379 is perfect for you!
Now all you’ve got to do is look for the element that fits you the best. Or just get them all…


 photo anon379elements-madeofjewelry_zpsca16600d.jpg
Air element   |   Water element   |    Fire element    |   Earth element


 photo anonymous379elements-madeofjewelry_zpsb1ba8daa.jpg

Aether      |      All There Is      |      Gold



[All images via Anonymous of 379 | Collage by MoJ]