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Sacred Heart

  This Heart pendant by Elé Karela. It’s big but it does look lovely. Well, lovely might not be the right word but you know what I mean. The pendant is a pretty and interesting piece. It’s part of Elé’s Blood & Night Creatures. Sacred Heart, indeed, linked with Jesus. We all have seen those […]

Scarab Up Your Life

  Carolina Bucci has interesting and pretty collections. One of these is the Scarab collection. It includes besides Scarab pendats, as pictured above, also other pieces with scarabs but also Labradorite Initial rings, earrings and necklaces. But, what I wanted to show you, is that even you are not into insects ot scarabs….these scarabs you […]

Eden by Joanne MacFadyen

Joanne MacFadyen designs and makes contemporary jewelry using precious metals and gemstones. You just gotta love her pieces. I do! Joanne’s Eden Collection is so pretty. By seeing the pieces, the collection its name is an ovious choice. Eden…it totally looks like and feels like Eden. the jewelry pieces from the eden collection are so […]

Love your country with Maya Brenner

Michigan | New York | Texas | South-Carolina | Illinois   What a wonderful idea of Maya Brenner to create pendants in the shape of USA states, and some cities in the world. Very original, I’d say. These state/country pendant necklaces are so cool. Great to add into your necklaces collection. Maya has created a pendant for every US state and district. Up to you to […]

Name it!

Seen those name and intial pendants and necklaces from many jewelry designers the past few months. But a few days ago, I went out with my lover at some local event, and there I saw one girl after the other wearing their names around their neck. Seriously, it seems to be a current trend. Wearing […]

The Fox & The Rabbit

Sabrina Minnon is a lady of many talents. She is a graphic designer,  illustrator and jeweler. I have seen her website with amazing pieces by coincidence. Loving her unique collections such as the Totem, Mata Hari and The Fox and The Rabbit collections. And I am absolutely adoring this Fox and Rabbit Sliced pendant. Using […]