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Flying Heart

Happy Valentine’s day lovers! Whether you celebrate Cupid’s day or not, it actually doesn’t really matter that much because everyday should be like as if it’s Valentine’s day. Show the one you care about how much you love him/her every single day. That’s at least what I do believe in. Today’s beauty is the Flying Heart ring by […]

Valentine’s Day Treats

V-day minus 10! Roses are red, violets are blue and here is a selection of jewels to gift the one you love or to treat yourself! Most women take Valentine’s Day pretty seriously but actually wheter it’s Valentine’s Day or not, it should be V-Day everyday. Because showing the one you love how much he/she means […]

Arrow Shot Heart

  Like funky jewelry? Than GIZA is what you are looking for. And then there is the GIZA x NaNa-NaNa collaboration jewelry line which is really nice. Palm trees, mermaids, dinosaurs, hearts…and oh so colorful. My favorite pieces of this collab are the heart rings. One of them is the Arrow Shot Heart ring.

Sacred Heart

  This Heart pendant by Elé Karela. It’s big but it does look lovely. Well, lovely might not be the right word but you know what I mean. The pendant is a pretty and interesting piece. It’s part of Elé’s Blood & Night Creatures. Sacred Heart, indeed, linked with Jesus. We all have seen those […]

Fuck You

  Don’t take it personal though. This Fuck You Heart necklace by BLK + NOIR was at the beginning only meant as funny novelty jewelry gift for what we call “Single Awareness Day” or also known as Valentine’ s Day. Great idea! And thank got, they still sell it. Because single or not, this necklace is just […]

Pixel My Heart

  What do you think about this? Ain’t it just awesome? A pixel heart, a lovely composition full of elements. Pixels all over from the Pixel collection by the fabulous Francesca Grima. I absolutely love her creations and this of course one of them. Truly looking forward to see more because this lady, she’s got […]

Bed of Hearts

  The title is inspired by Bon Jovi’s song Bed Of Roses, just in case if you wondered. It’s February 14th. Valentine’s Day. So, let’s stick with the clichés, because that’s what they are meant for. Love. Hearts. Two main words on this day where we celebrate to love and being loved. Love is a […]