Take my hand, take my heart

hand and heart bangle DatterIndustries - madeofjewelry
A golden bangle by Datter Industries, with two tiny hands holding a silver heart. This Hand & Heart bangle is just so lovely. My favorite, btw.

Other Heart and Hand pieces by Datter Industries are just as lovely as the bangle.
At least, in my opinion.
hand amulat DatterIndustries - madeofjewelry


The Hand Amulet necklace silver (also available brass on silver) is so nice…
Just as the Heart necklace (available in silver, brass and rose gold). This necklace is to die for. Loving the shape of the heart, which is slightly angular .

heart necklace DatterIndustries - madeofjewelry

And then, the Protective Hands bangle. Two hands grasping your wrist. I like the idea very much.
So tender if you think about it.
All of these pieces are awesome.



[All images via Datter Industries | Collage by MoJ]