Fuck You

blk noir fuck you - madeofjewelry
Don’t take it personal though.
This Fuck You Heart necklace by BLK + NOIR was at the beginning only meant as funny novelty jewelry gift for what we call “Single Awareness Day” or also known as Valentine’ s Day. Great idea!
And thank got, they still sell it. Because single or not, this necklace is just badass enough to wear it all the time. No matter what reason you want to say fack you. It is just rad.

Be sure to check out the other Heart necklaces with other engraved inscriptions such as ‘ Weird’, ‘Can U Not’, ‘BFFL’, ‘Fuck Cancer’, ‘ewww’ (love that one too) and some more.
 photo blknoirfyounecklace-madeofjewelry



[All images via BLK + NOIR and Instagram | Collage by MoJ]