Eden by Joanne MacFadyen

Joanne MacFayden - madeofjewelry

Joanne MacFadyen designs and makes contemporary jewelry using precious metals and gemstones. You just gotta love her pieces. I do!
Joanne’s Eden Collection is so pretty. By seeing the pieces, the collection its name is an ovious choice. Eden…it totally looks like and feels like Eden.
the jewelry pieces from the eden collection are so gracious and fairylike.
Her jewelry with its natural forms will take you to another world.

Look at what I mean by yourself and get fascinated:


Joanne MacFayden rings edencollection- madeofjewelry


joanne macfayden orchard - madeofjewelry
Orchard Pendant


Joanne MacFayden blossom pendants - madeofjewelry
Blossom pendant



[All images via Joanne MacFadyen | Collages made by MoJ]