Name it!

Seen those name and intial pendants and necklaces from many jewelry designers the past few months. But a few days ago, I went out with my lover at some local event, and there I saw one girl after the other wearing their names around their neck. Seriously, it seems to be a current trend.
Wearing your name, hot or not?
People knowing your name whether or not you do know them by simply wearing it as a necklace, for everyone to see…What do you think of it?
Although, such necklaces do look pretty. And you can actually personalize/custom it so you can wear whatever name or word you want. I’d say: I like!
Also, instead of wearing your own name around your neck, you proudly can wear the names of your boyfriend, pet and if you are a blog-owner – the name of your blog.
Just like Danielle from We Wore What:

Danielle WeWoreWhat necklace - madeofjewelry

I said ‘current trend’ but Carrie Bradshaw may have spawned the jewelry trend…well yes, she actually did!

CarrieBradshaw - Madeofjewelry

Also as seen worn by:

KatyPerry - madeofjewelry
Katy Perry


LaurenConrad - madeofjewelry
Lauren Conrad


RihannaRiRi- Madeofjewelry



ChristinaApplegate - madeofjewelry
Christina Applegate wearing ‘Sadie’, her daughter’s name.


EllieGoulding - Madeofjewelry
Ellie Goulding

Where to buy your own name necklace?
Jennifer Zeuner
Jennifer Fisher
In case you are on a limited budget, take a look on Etsy for more affordable nameplate necklaces.