Shield it with Glam

Boera Shield Glam Knuckle Ring - madeofjewelry
Since the first time I saw this ring, you can already guess it, I fill in love with it. And I still can’t get enough of it. Seeing pictures of bloggers, random people who own one, it makes me envy them.
It curves the contour of your finger. It looks like it fits perfectly.
And also containes gemstones. It looks pretty, don’t you thing.
Besides the Starlight Stud earringsPrance body chain and Shield cuff, theShield Glam knuckle ring is one of my favorite items by Boera.
Yes, I will say it agian, I love this ring.
How about you?
Boera Shield Glam Knuckle Ring silver - madeofjewelry
Boera Shield Glam Knuckle Ring gold - madeofjewelry

liveboera IG - madeofjewelry
dylanasuarez - madeofjewelry

Blogger Dylan Suarez wearing the Shield Glam Knuckle Ring and Shield Cuff.

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