Me and Lex : keep on layering

MeandLex Hannukah - madeofjewelry
Some time ago, way before I started this website, I came across a great picture on Instagram.
Two sisters, Drew and Alexa, who are so good in layering jewelery. It’s a fine artform!
You just cannot not love it.

Besides Drew sharing kinda lots of this fine artwork (because that’s what it is to me) on Instagram, these ladies have also a sort of blog diary where it is all being shown, called Me and Lex.
And on top of that, oh yes you ladies, they will sell their work. The website is coming soon. The sooner the better I’d say.
Now you maybe wonder where the pieces they use to layer are coming from. Well, these are vintage necklaces etc. majority are flea market finds (time for you ladies to look them up!). Other pieces are for example from Dannijo and Fenton.
Loving it? Start doing the same and post your picture on Instagram and hashtag it with #dylanlexneck so the sisters will see your creations.
Yes, I will say it again, you just cannot not love it!

MEandLEX fleamarketarmor - madeofjewelry
meandlex cali6 - madeofjewelry
MEandLEX jewelryhoard - madeofjewelry
Their jewelry when not being worn
MEandLEX sisters - madeofjewelrt
The sisters, Draw and Alexa!
DYLANLEX india17 - madeofjewelry
MEandLEX july1-madeofjewelry
MEandLEX same - madeofjewelry
MEandLEX dgoutfit5 - madeofjewelry
MEandLEX july7 - madeofjewelry
partydown MeandLex - madeofjewelry
Layering lessons by Me and Lex:
MEandLEX armstacktut - madeofjewelry
MEandLEX rings how to stack - madeofjewelry

[All images from MeAndLex]