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Diamond Cowry Shell

Almasika‘s smooth and shiny Cowry necklace, one of designer Catherine Sarr’s first designs, is a 18K yellow gold necklace embedded with white diamonds. The name Almasika stems from “Almasi”, the Swahili word for diamond and “Sika” meaning gold in several West African languages, evoking the strength of two natural treasures intrinsically linked with the continent. Inspired by the […]

Shagreen & Tortoise

Shagreen & Tortoise is a line of beyond exquisite rings that blend rose cut gemstones with the unique textures and colors of natural shells. Yup, shells! Exotic rings yet very elegant. Designer Marie-Hélène Loubrielle creates these amazing pieces in her studio in Paris. Each shell is carefully selected among a variety of non-protected species, and finished […]