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Inverted Diamond

A new day, a new crush. The Mixed Tone Inverted Diamond ring that is. This little gem is created and made by designer Todd Pownell. His Tap by Todd Pownell ring collection is stunning. Incredible one-of-a-kind rings with diamonds of all kinds which make you wish it’s your birthday every day over and over again.

Jess Hannah : Diamonds & Graduated Dots

To help launch the new Spectre x360, HP gave a sneak peek at the maker process. Jewelry designer and blogger Jess Hannah was one of those makers and she was up for the challenge when they asked her to #bendtherules of her design process to create something, unlike anything she’d made before. She had been thinking […]

Grey Moonstone

I’ve always adored how rad Winden Jewelry pieces were. From Babe necklace to Hear studs. But now, designer Rebecca Mapes is taking it to the next level. The next level as in a Ceremonial collection. And so, here Iam to present to you the Clark ring. Perfect engagement material. This baby is available in yellow […]

Q&A with Trumpet & Horn

Today I have a little Q&A for you with Kelly, Director of Marketing (but also social media manager and photographer!), of  Trumpet & Horn. The T&H company is owned by Jerry Heidenreich (Owner & Buyer), along with his twin brother Tommy (Director of Sales) and his wife, Kim, who also does sales. They also have two fantastic women […]