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Emily P. Wheeler

I’m a fan of MANY jewelry designers and Emily P. Wheeler is one of them. I personally feel very related to her aesthetic. Every piece looks so clean, neat, modern, stylish and with the perfect amount of sparkles. Emily is a gorgeous and talented fine jewelry designer, based in San Francisco whom’s designs are made […]


How would you feel about trying jewelry on at home? It’s possible! For all of you who love to shop online…keep on reading! Memo brings the discovery of fine jewelry to your home with their home try-on service. I really like the concept. The modern and quite personal approach to retail/fine jewelry grants customers a three-day […]

Cushla Whiting

Today I’d love to introduce you to Cushla Whiting, in case you don’t know them yet. Cushla Whiting is a fine jeweller creating elegant and unique designs including engagement rings Besides that, Cushla Whiting is an Australian family business comprised of siblings Cushla, Anna and Hamish Whiting, the children of a world-renowned gemologist. How great is this […]

Soulbound 🎮 Pixels and Video Games

Just a month or two ago, I stumbled upon Soulbound NYC on instagram (hail social media!) and I was instantly in awe. Designer Kelly’s design instantly appealed to me. The fun pixel designs and the soft tones of gemstones made me swoon. Playful yet feminine…I like! Soulbound is a line of video game inspired jewelry […]

Ring Concierge

If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, a timeless piece or something that would fit your personal style, Nicole Wegman of Ring Concierge is who you need! I must admit I’d love to be Nicole (and I’m sure you too!). Besides being gorgeous herself and having a great style (you better follow her on […]

Local Eclectic

Meet the online shop Local Eclectic! Local Eclectic is all about emerging and independent jewelry designers and unique pieces. It’s a fabulous place to drool over fine jewelry. Launched back in 2013 to share their favorite emerging and indie jewelry designers, they – read : Founder Alexis Nido-Russo and Co. – slimmed it down to jewelry only. Below […]

Yama Jewelry

Today I’ll present you a selection of YAMA Jewelry‘s exquisite rings. Well, a selection (a few from every collection) of my personal favorites. From chunky  to stylish/dainty rings which are minimalist yet geometric. It’s hard to resist…and so hard to highlight just one piece.

Loren Nicole : Hellenas

Earlier this year, in May actually, Loren Nicole launched her incredible ancient inspired collection Hellenas. Think Greek gods & goddesses and lots of gold & silver… Loren Nicole is the ancient world reimagined, celebrating the techniques and aesthetics of ancient goldsmiths and our shared global history. They pull inspiration from the ancient world and indigenous peoples from across […]