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Today I’d love to introduce you to Cushla Whiting, in case you don’t know them yet. Cushla Whiting is a fine jeweller creating elegant and unique designs including engagement rings
Besides that, Cushla Whiting is an Australian family business comprised of siblings Cushla, Anna and Hamish Whiting, the children of a world-renowned gemologist. How great is this team? I mean, how awesome must it be to work together with your siblings?
Cushla is the jewelry designer, Anna is the General Manager and Hamish is the in-house gemologist. Read more in the Q&A below and swoon over the imagery…

Who is Cushla?
I find it hard to talk about myself objectively, but I would say that I’m a very quality conscious and considered person, I don’t take shortcuts.

But I also need humour and a sense of fun to everything, so I hope to reflect that side of my personality in my work. I prefer a clean boldness to a traditionally feminine style, so there aren’t many frills to be found at Cushla Whiting.

My interest in jewellery design evolved organically from my background in architecture along with our family’s history in the diamond industry. Designing jewellery combined a love of beautiful gemstones with a passion for architecture and design, just on a smaller scale. Working with jewellery designer Hannah Martin in London was a great inspiration for me, and upon returning to Australia my siblings, Anna, Hamish and I founded Cushla Whiting Jewellery. I just started out by designing engagement rings that I would like to wear, and before long we seemed to attract our own market of people looking for something a bit more unique.

Who do you design for? What type of women/men?
I usually have a very modern woman or man in mind when designing. Strong and elegant guided more by their very own sense of style rather than changing fashions. There is a bold and graphic elegance to my aesthetic and I see someone who is conscious of their surroundings, who cares about the design process and ethicality of their purchases. Our customer tends to appreciate quality and the skill and knowledge behind a piece of fine jewellery. It’s an important purchase, very symbolic and meant to last a lifetime or over generations…you don’t rush such a decision or go for the cheapest by compromising quality. Every piece is created to become an heirloom to someone. We have just released a beautiful range of cufflinks with the same values in mind after so many customers complained they could never find ones they love….so this is our interpretation of a modern pair.

Where do you take inspiration from?
My inspiration is often a bit left of field and I don’t look too much at other contemporary jewellery design. Having studied Architecture this is still a strong inspiration for me, scale and proportion, the way light falls on objects to create shadows, perhaps the details in a piece of antique jewellery. This can also come from a striking piece of furniture, an artwork I look at or a walk in nature.

Metropolis collection

Sculpture and film are always a great muse for me. A collection I’ve just designed was inspired by Bernard Venet’s work which really captures my love of bold curves and simplicity. Fritz Lang’s 1920s silent film Metropolis was the inspiration for my modern art deco collection of fine jewellery.

What’s your current favorite jewelry piece?
The COG ring (pictured below) is always my favourite, it really feels like me. It’s part of our Metropolis collection and has beautiful deco curves with the deepest blue sapphire set in gold. Working on Fine jewellery collections is always so rewarding cause you can explore so much creatively.

What does jewelry mean to you?
Jewellery is the ultimate expression of ones style and personality. It is personal, sentimental and can transform your mood. Its lasting and timeless beauty means that it will be passed on through generations and I love how it connects to memory and life stories in this perpetual way.and personality. It is personal, sentimental and can transform your mood. Its lasting and timeless beauty means that it will be passed on through generations and I love how it connects to memory and life stories in this perpetual way.

as told by Cushla

Don’t you just love Cushla Whiting?
Here are some of my personal favorite pieces:

From Left to right:
Constellation DropsCleoEvie
MatildaHalf MoonMoonstone Emerald hoops



Photography by Ivana Martyn  and Wolf Collective NYC | Collages by MoJ
All info and photo’s thanks to Julia of the Cushla Whiting-team



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