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If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, a timeless piece or something that would fit your personal style, Nicole Wegman of Ring Concierge is who you need!
I must admit I’d love to be Nicole (and I’m sure you too!). Besides being gorgeous herself and having a great style (you better follow her on Insta) she gets to see and help people out to find gorgeous jewelry. You can tell she cares about jewelry.
Find out more about Ring Concierge -based in New York City, FYI – and her services below:

nicole-ringconcierge-madeofjewelryWho is Ring Concierge?
Unlike a typical jeweler, I started my career in the fashion industry which helped me develop a sophisticated aesthetic. I’ve been in the jewelry industry for four years now, and my sense for fashion has definitely translated into my rings, as I really enjoy distinctive pieces that can be worn by any woman

It might be a little obvious, but why have you named your e-commerce Ring Concierge?
Buying an engagement ring, or even jewelry, can be a really stressful experience so I wanted to create an experience where the customer service went above and beyond for our clients, similar to how a hotel would offer concierge services to their guests.

What services do you offer as a private jeweler?
First, I will talk to the clients discuss the significant other’s style, and present you a preliminary custom design. Then I’ll go ahead and present the clients with an assortment of diamonds to choose from. Once the stone is selected, it is hand set & ready in 3-4 weeks. The piece is then delivered to the client along with an appraisal for insurance.

What would you suggest your clients when purchasing an engagement ring?
I would say not to get too caught up with the GIA gradings- what’s most important is how the stone looks in person and creating a look that you love, instead of making sure that the stone looks perfect on paper.

ringconcierge-engagement rings-madeofjewelryOld Mine Cut Antique Engagement Ring | Radiant Cut 3 Stone Engagement Ring | Oval with Epaulette Side Stones Engagement Ring


How do you select the jewelry you want to sell online?
When selecting a new designer to add to the site, I always look for pieces that are not only well-made and unique but also pieces that I would actually wear. I like to think of the online store as a style capsule of my favorite things that I get to share with my customers.



What is currently your favorite piece in your online shop?
My favorite piece would have to be the Starry Night Ring- I love that it’s substantial enough to wear on its own and make a statement, but also delicate enough to stack.

What do you love most about your job?
The best part of my job is seeing the reactions of the bride-to-be’s once their fiances propose. Getting those photos and thank you letters is the most gratifying feeling because I know that I had a part in creating something that she’ll wear every day for the rest of her life.

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