Vertigo by Ashley Childs


September is near and so our designers new collections as well. Let me introduce you to Ashley Childs’ Vertigo collection, which I’m currently very fond of.
The lines and the flowy curves are so feminine but the designs of this collection are at the same time also little pieces of art.

Ashley on her inspiration:
“In terms of inspiration, its a long-time love of sculpture, having done clay, bronze-casting, woodshop, mold-making and light-metal casting in schools, also Frank Gehry architecture, Bracusi’s bronze pieces (“Bird in Space” is an absolute favorite), minimalist jewelers like Elsa Peretti and Jill Platner…”


“After forging Iron in Buenos Aires with the best of the best I took an iron intensive class at Penland School of crafts last year (a much-needed break from the jewelry world) and came back refreshed with how metal moves and a new respect for metal. I made a truly epic damascus knife and realized I could use technology to further my ideas.”

ashley-childs-Vega ring-madeofjewelry“I sketched out the “VEGA” ring years ago, but didn’t have the confidence in myself or my work to pursue a full collection. After Metal & Smith accepted me 3 months ago, it was go-time.”


ashley-childs-Lyra ring-madeofjewelry The Lyra-Galaxy ring, a beautiful platinum ring set with tiny white diamonds. One of my favorites.


ashley-childs-vertigo-earrings-madeofjewelryTop: Rhea earrings
Bottom: Persephone earrings

The Vertigo collection inspired by the romance of our human fluidity, a delicate balance of the tangible and intangible. Heavy in form, yet elusive in value, the sweeping motion of metal captures the essence of our abstract force and motion within time and space.
So pleased Ashley returned with such a strong and beautiful collection. It was worth the wait!

Influence ring in platinum matte-finish


ashley-childs-vertigo-collection-jewelry-madeofjewelryFrom left to right:
Halcyon necklace – Ovid bracelet
Portia earrings – Ophelia earrings
Maia ring – Sarin stacker rings – Lyra ring


View/Shop the collection here

Ashley Childs will be at the Metal & Smith show which will be held on August 21st 10am-6pm (rsvp required), & August 22nd 11am-5pm (pop-up open to public)at 517 W 37th St.
She will also be at Capsule in NYC, September 16-18.



[Photography by Justin Rosenberg, Model @Elen.Dali, hair/makeup: Alathea Reese | Collages by MoJ]