Point No Point Studio

Point No Point Studio, handmade jewelry by the talented Julie Stark. I came across her work a few years back on Etsy and which I’ve following up and seen grown over time.
Her designs are dazzling. They are all mothwatering if you know what I mean.
Diamond rings in all sizes and shapes. From rough to speckled rose cuts to everything else you can imagine.

Point No Point Studio is all about “finding inspiration in the natural world while incorporating classic designs with a modern interpretation, conflict free & ethically sourced metals”.
PNP Studio - madeofjewelry

Back in 2009 Julie took a few metalsmithing classes on the side. Quickly after she started the classes realized her life would take an entirely different direction because she discovered that making jewelry was what she wanted to do with her life. Julie created Point No Point Studio in 2011.

“The natural beauty of my home state of Washington, forests, mountains and beaches have been very inspirational for me. The name Point No Point comes from the name of Pudget Sound’s oldest light house.” explains Julie.
point no point studio-Grey Hexagon Halo ring-madeofjewelry “My designs are inspired by the natural world while incorporating hints of classic jewelry designs, and combining them with modern interpretations. I love to spot characteristics and individual peculiarities of natural diamonds that are often overlooked by other designers, and to mount them in settings that highlight their unique qualities.

“I’m constantly searching to find beautiful, one-of-a-kind diamonds. I strive to create fresh and unique designs while maintaining the integrity of the piece. I’m committed to designing and creating jewelry that is meticulously hand-crafted with the highest quality conflict-free diamonds as well as eco friendly recycled metals.”


PNP Studio - rings - madeofjewelry


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