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Self Love

I recently came across Fred + Far and got very intrigued by what I saw. They not only created a stunning pinky ring but there is also an incredible story behind it. The Self Love Pinky ring is a reminder to choose and love yourself. A ring with a meaning, a symbol on its own, proudly to […]

Q&A with Digby & Iona

The designer behind Digby & Iona – Aaron Ruff – makes handmade rings, necklaces, and cuffs for men and women in his Brooklyn studio. This guy is a great craftsman. His detailed pieces are truly amazing. Very whimsical as well. At least to me! Classy, dainty but also unique. Besides this and men’s jewelry, Aaron also creates some […]

Q&A with Barri Luxury Consulting

Jackie LeBental is an industry expert and owner of Barri Luxury Consulting. As a consultant she offers jewelry designers and retailers personalized business management and industry guidance to help them to achieve their goals such as; branding strategies, creative direction, trade show development, organizational management, and much more. I like to discover about new brands, designers […]


It was a real extase while going through Etsy (which feels like a paradise sometimes) a few weeks ago, I came across GOLD’N BERG. And as you maybe can guess, I fell in love with one of the rings made by designer Hagar Goldenberg…the stunning and unique design of the solitaire pink ring which is  composed of a vivid […]

Q&A with wholesaler Nadine Parsons

Ever wondered about what a wholesalers job exactly is? Canadian wholesaler Nadine Parsons – she represents Biko, Laurie Fleming, Michelle Ross, Rebekah Price, Loren Hope, Cuchara, Liel & Lentz, and Melanie Auld – based in downtown Toronto is sharing with us about her job as a sales agent/wholesaler. How it all began: In 2012 Nadine began working with a Toronto based […]

Facets by Jean-Noel

Gemology is such a fascinating thing. The more I have interest in jewelry the more interest I also have in gemstones. Knowing gem cutting is not an easy job but quite rewardful, I had to ask a few questions to Jean-Noel Soni of Top Notch Faceting. He is a true artist who I really admire and […]

Q&A with Trumpet & Horn

Today I have a little Q&A for you with Kelly, Director of Marketing (but also social media manager and photographer!), of  Trumpet & Horn. The T&H company is owned by Jerry Heidenreich (Owner & Buyer), along with his twin brother Tommy (Director of Sales) and his wife, Kim, who also does sales. They also have two fantastic women […]

Plan de Ville

Catherine Smith is a fashion stylist who has launched her own e-commerce last year. Meet Plan de Ville! Catherine is a fashion writer and stylist who started her career in publishing as the intern to Stefano Tonchi, the Editor in Chief of W Magazine. Since then, she has collaborated with various fashion brands and has […]