Plan de Ville

Catherine Smith is a fashion stylist who has launched her own e-commerce last year. Meet Plan de Ville!
Catherine is a fashion writer and stylist who started her career in publishing as the intern to Stefano Tonchi, the Editor in Chief of W Magazine. Since then, she has collaborated with various fashion brands and has contributed to magazines in the US and internationally.
PDV is about emerging designers and the path from initial inspiration to the launch of a collection. The site features exclusive interviews with the designers besides all the beautiful things it has to offer.

Q&A with Catherine Smith:

How did you come up with the idea to start and to name your business Plan de Ville?
In my work, I began to realize that I loved talking to young designers about their path from start to launch; and each story always resembled a map in my mind…where they started, to where they are now, with different routes in between. The name Plan de Ville translates to “city map” from French, an homage to their creative journey.

You are a stylist, why having a jewelry business?
The site began primarily with jewelry because it mades sense from an e-commerce perspective, and as our resources grown we are expanding into ready-to-wear. PDV launched on November 4 with fine jewelry and accessories, and we are expanding into other product categories for the Spring/Summer 2015 season.

Why starting up an e-commerce and not a jewelry store?
So much of Plan de Ville is about sharing the designers’ stories through our interviews and editorial content, which is difficult to convey through a brick and mortar store. Another goal is to help these designers reach a global audience, a challenge which e-commerce is perfectly suited.

Are you considering to open a store?
Actually, Plan de Ville did have a holiday pop up store in NYC, which was very exciting! As for the future, I don’t think a store is in the strategic plan, but I’d love to do future pop-ups!

How do you find designers?
I find designers through my work as a stylist and fashion writer, during fashion weeks and market appointments, and increasingly through social media, specifically Instagram! It’s such a wonderful platform to connect and share.

What has been your proudest moment thus far?
My proudest moment was during a cocktail reception for the designers at the holiday pop up shop. It was incredible to see the designers meet each other, and celebrate the season with press and friends.

Do you have a dream client or collaboration?
Yes! I am such a fan of the innovative jewelry by Spinelli Kilcollin, and this week we released an exclusive ring that Yves created for Plan de Ville.
The beautiful Emerald Vega ring as pictured below.

Emerald Vega ring

What does jewelry mean to you?
Jewelry is so meaningful — it’s a symbol of love, family, a moment in time, or an entire era. I find jewelry to be highly personal, and love to ask friends and strangers about their unique pieces. I’ve also seen the power that jewelry has to bring people together – either when given as a gift, or when a piece becomes a conversation starter between to individuals.

[All images thanks to Catherine Smith | Collage by MoJ]