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The beautiful Planetaria ring is a piece by Lara Bohinc which houses, by folding and then rotating three flat circles, a sphere in a delicate frame. The frame evokes the timeless curves of Copernicus’ astronomical model.
This ring comes in different materials, stones and sizes.ย Planetaria 30ย is the largest whileย Planetaria 20ย is the middle size andย Planetaria 10ย the smallest one. But each of them looks fabulous andย sophisticated.

 photo LaraBohinc-PlanetariaRingGold-madeofjewelry_zpsad10108c.jpg

 photo LaraBohinc-planetariarings-madeofjewelry_zps9950d45a.jpg


Different styles and sizes of the Planetaria ring.



[All images via Lara Bohinc and HS-R | Edit and collage by MoJ]