It was a real extase while going through Etsy (which feels like a paradise sometimes) a few weeks ago, I came across GOLD’N BERG. And as you maybe can guess, I fell in love with one of the rings made by designer Hagar Goldenberg…the stunning and unique design of the solitaire pink ring which is  composed of a vivid pink tourmaline and brilliant white diamonds set in a white gold unique diamond halo ring.
This amazing contemporary ring would be amazing as an engagement ring, too. I could stare at it for days! But it’s not only this ring which looks unique and amaze…

Unique engagement rings in different styles

The uniquely designed Pavé diamond earrings are one of the bestelling pieces and the gorgeous Carnelian drop earrings are perfect for any (even bridal!) events.

Besides her wonderful modern cluster collection of rings, earrings and pendant, Hagar also creates custom pieces!

Who is the person behind GOLD’N BERG?
My name name is Hagar Goldenberg, a 29 year old Jewelry designer and the owner of GOLD’N BERG fine jewelry. I completed my BA. D in Jewelry Design and decided to start my own jewelry brand that lived up to all of my standards and didn’t conform or cut corners. I wanted it to be high quality pieces with unique designs. Precious and elegant jewelry that I could imagine my own role models wearing.

What has inspired you for this ring and your other designs?
I can still remember a time when I walked along Fifth Ave. in New York City at the young age of 12, gazing at all of the golden shimmering wonders by Van Cleef, Tiffany’s, De Beers, and Bulgari. The desire to create fine, exquisite, desirable pieces of jewelry struck me as a young girl and has never left me since.

Throughout my years of fine art and design education, I always had the urge to create beauty through ornamentation. As I looked at a design I envisioned all of its dimensions from the front, back, and sides because they all hold meaning and power in the final product. A stunning piece of jewelry has to be dazzling from every perspective. I create each piece of jewelry using my unique creative vision, the great attention to detail and commitment to design, and I honestly believe this is what makes these fine jewelry truly stand out.
I believe jewelry should enrich our lives and fill every moment with joy, it makes your eyes shimmer and forces your heart to skip a beat. The sensuality and aura of beautiful jewelry makes every day count and special moments stand out.

A selection of Hagar’s favorite rings. I love them too!

The pieces of jewelry from my debut collection, took shape with a modern twist on a classic approach to stone setting techniques, and gave birth to this new line of fine jewelry and created a look that is both classic and modern. The unique and delicate halo, surrounding the center stone, created within this process reminds me of a shining star.

While designing the pink tourmaline engagement ring, this halo, and the recent rise in demand for unusual and different engagement rings was in mind, as I wished to create a delicate and colorful engagement ring that was playful yet had classic elements to it. A ring you can imagine wearing for the rest of your life and never get board of it.

What are your plans for the future?
In the future, I intend to expend my jewelry line and make more outstanding, unique high jewelry pieces. I want my business to grow and thrive but in a way that I will always be in the center of it, designing and creating. My future plans include presenting my jewelry in Las Vegas’s “Couture” show and selling in the finest designer jewelry boutiques, and maybe even open my own shop/studio where I could gather and present the crafting process side by side with the final result.

What is you current favorite piece? And why?

My current favorite jewelry piece is actually a pendant, even though I am more of a ring person. It is made of white gold and set with sparkling white diamonds and a stunning 8 mm Tahitian peacock pearl in its center. Bold and elegant at the same time, it’s that kind of a piece where I feel like I don’t need to put anything else on. A plain T-shirt and ripped jeans, high heels and nothing more.

There is also a fabulous ring, from the same line, made of natural white gold, beige in color, set with sparkling champagne diamonds and a unique light golden pearl in its center. This ring has such a vintage feel to it, and so much elegance, I just couldn’t mention it.

Wishing you all the best Hagar, and I hope your dreams and wishes on presenting at Couture and opening your own shop may come true!




[All images thanks to GOLD’N BERG]