Q&A with Trumpet & Horn

Today I have a little Q&A for you with Kelly, Director of Marketing (but also social media manager and photographer!), of  Trumpet & Horn. The T&H company is owned by Jerry Heidenreich (Owner & Buyer), along with his twin brother Tommy (Director of Sales) and his wife, Kim, who also does sales. They also have two fantastic women that finish off their team, Hannah (Website & Digital Communications Manager) and Eliza (Buyer & Gemologist). Quite a team huh?!
Trumpet & Horn is a source for unique, one-of-a-kind vintage & vintage-inspired engagement rings.
It’s a love affair.

Q&A with Kelly:

How’d come to start Trumpet & Horn?
Jerry has been in the wholesale vintage & antique jewelry industry for over 30 years. After marrying Kim in early 2012, they came up with the idea to bring Jerry’s business into the retail world via an online store. T&H launched in November 2012.

What do you like best about your line of work?
We love how incredibly romantic our business is! All of our rings are authentically vintage, and each one has a story behind it already. We love the idea of continuing on each ring’s story as it passes on to new owners who are starting a new chapter in their lives together. We’re so touched to even be a small part of each T&H couple’s love story!

T&H have recently launched a Vintage-Inspired and a Nouveau Collection. Tell us a bit more about them.
The T&H Vintage Inspired Collection is a small collection of newly made rings made to re-create real vintage rings that we loved and just had to make again. Our jeweler makes each ring by hand with the same techniques that were used to make the original vintage ring, with the exception of electricity.

The T&H Nouveau Collection is our very first line that we have designed ourselves to appeal a little bit more to our non-engagement audience. This line was inspired by the bold, glittery designs of the Art Nouveau era, with a bit of a modern twist. Each piece is made to order and manufactured in the US.

What I love myself besides the antique rings, are your velvet boxes. So bright and colorful. How do you decide which color goes with which ring?
The colorful velvet ring boxes you see all over our website are from our dear friends, The Mrs. Box. We have a wonderful relationship with them, and we’re lucky enough to have a small selection of Mrs. Boxes available for sale to our own customers. When I’m shooting, I choose the box that I think shows off each ring the best!

What’s your best advice for someone picking out jewelry for their special someone?
The best advice all of us can give is to carefully choose a budget that works for you! We think “3 months salary” is a very silly idea – there’s really no need to completely break the bank to get a stunning, special ring that she’ll love for a lifetime. We’ve found that budget issues are typically the most stressful part of the ring buying process. Decide on a budget that’s comfortable for you, and stick to it!

What’s your actual favorite ring?
This answer is different depending on which one of us you ask! I think we can all agree on the Breckinridge as an overall house favorite. My all-time favorite ring we have ever had was the Timberwood ring. The couple that now owns it,
Ryan & Abbey, got engaged in Tuscany and sent us the most incredible photos!




[All images via Trumpet & Horn |Edits and collages by MoJ]