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Q&A with Sophie Birgitt

Sophie Birgitt is a Belgian jewelry Designer & Goldsmith based in Hong Kong. I couldn’t be more proud to be Belgian myself. It’s my pleasure to present you Sophie Birgitt‘s debute Spangled Angles collection. Everything about the collection is inspired by architecture. You can tell by the geometrical shapes and structures. Each piece of the Spangled Angles collection is luxurious, glamorous and handmade by Sophie […]

Q&A with Ilana Ariel

  I have fallen in love with a few pieces by Ilana Ariel. The Multi Stone long bar necklace and ring from Ilana’s newest Stepping Stone collection to start with. And to name a few more, all the Cresent pendants of the Legacy collection. They are so dreamy. All these pieces are gorgeous and even beyond. Perfect for everyday wear. […]

The One I Love

The One I Love NYC is a super duper vintage shop. Vintage as in of course antique goods. It includes clothing, objects but the main thing: jewelry. And to be more specific, rings. Everything I love. Myself I adore old rings. Rings from women who have a ring for example as a familypiece. A piece […]

Q&A with Amanda Jex

JEX is a line by Amanda Jex founded in 2008. Her pieces are femine and architectural, minimal and bohemian, romantic and modern. Everything you and I like in jewelry. Her jewelry has great forms and detailed elements. JEX is based in  East Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada where Amanda makes everything by hand.   Q&A with JEX Designer […]

Q&A with Jane Gowans

Jane Gowans is a Scottish-based contemporary jeweller. When seeing her jewelry, there is no doubt she likes to experiment. And which gives fabulous results. Jane’s jewelry are all about the details. Take a closer look and you’ll see what I mean. Plus, her pieces are quite unique. The pieces are made by using stones, sterling […]