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You only but can love Susan Siegel‘s necklaces. Necklaces created with vintage charms. I love!
Here is a little Q&A with Susan on the how, what and when:

MoJ: How did it all began?

I started collecting many years ago, even before ten years ago. I was brought up as a young girl in a family where antiques were always there, either being hunted for, or talked about, and collected, from my grandparents to my Mom ,who is a very strong influence for me. My Nana Minna and great Aunt Sophie were lucky enough to travel the world all over in the 1950’s and to be jewelry lovers . I learned very young about these wonderful treasures. My Aunt Sophie had a necklace made by a very famous Madison Avenue jeweler Charlie Harris in New York City which my cousin inherited which is very similar to the kind of styles I make. When I saw this necklace many years ago it left a very strong impression on me. Also at 16 years of age we had a tradition in our family to be given a slide bracelet and my Mom made one custom made slide bracelet for me, so I was always exposed to antiques and beautiful things . I think this bracelet was also an inspiration for me. “

MoJ: How do you find your treasures and where came the idea to create necklaces?

I travel a lot as I am also a scarf designer for many years, so I have a keen eye for design which flows into my necklaces as well. I have walked the flea markets of London and Paris and many other places too being inspired, always looking and always finding, and kept on collecting. This is where it all started and I am very passionate about antique and vintage jewelry. I first made a necklace for myself about 10 hearts ago and not a day goes by that someone sees it and does not ask me where I got it from and so this is also why I started to make them so I can share this beauty with others. What makes my necklaces special is that no two will ever be the same, each one unique and one of a kind.

MoJ: For what kind of women do you create your necklaces for?

I create for women who have great taste and style and age does not matter as these things are timeless and will look good on whoever has the passion to wear them. Many people also buy more than one and layer them or they mix it with other necklaces that they may have. It is fun to buy one and to keep looking for the next piece to go with it, so you can create your very own special look and collection.

MoJ: Will there be a website coming up to order your necklaces any time soon?

I will be working on a website soon , but for now they can inquire and contact me through Instagram or on my email.

susan siegel vintage jewelry - madeofjewelry

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[All images by Susan Siegel | Collage and Edits by MoJ]