The One I Love

The One I Love NYC is a super duper vintage shop. Vintage as in of course antique goods. It includes clothing, objects but the main thing: jewelry. And to be more specific, rings. Everything I love. Myself I adore old rings. Rings from women who have a ring for example as a familypiece. A piece which tells a story. That’s why I like fleamarkets. But there are any good ones near where I live. Neither when it comes to shops.
But online…ohlala. That’s how I discoverd The One I Love NYC on Instagram.

Mia is the owner and founder of The One I Love NYC. She recently brought on Elizabeth Anne, the owner of Hollow Tree Tribe Jewelry, as the in house designer.
“She is a beautiful girl with incredible talent. She learned her craft in New Mexico on the Zuni Reservation and since then she’s been obsessed with creating jewelry. Merging her Southwestern spirit with my love of the Victorian Era has given us the ability to create some incredibly unique pieces.”

Besides selling vintage and antique rings, The One I Love also has a Designer collection which includes jewelry pieces from designers of today. AND, that’s not just it, there is also Jewelry by The One I Love.  How amazing is that? Plenty of jewelry for everyone!


Mia tells: “Antiques have always been my passion and hers (Elizabeth). Therefore, these new pieces for The One I Love collection were designed with one thought in mind, that 200 years from now they too can be sold as antiques. This will be proven through the craft, quality, and beauty of each adornment.”.

theoneilove rings - madofjewelryLittle Q&A with Mia:

Where came the idea from to name your company The One I Love?
Honestly, the R.E.M. song. I was listening to it one day and thought wow what a great line. It stuck with me ever since. Simple, but sweet.

What do you like about antique jewelry?
More like what don’t I like?!? I love that each piece tells a story. A story of those who have loved, have lost, and have lingered far before us. It is as if this powerful story that we will never truly know lays beneath the surface of each piece I select. It’s not just about the beauty, it’s about the energy.

Where came the idea from to use the earth, fire and air symbols as logo? What is their meaning?
Going with the theme of those I love, my best friend had the symbols tattooed on her. I saw them and knew they would be my logo. She is a muse for so much of what I do that it seemed perfectly fitting.

theoneilove 2 - madofjewelry

theoneilove 1 - madofjewelry




[All images via The One I Love NYC and Instagram | Collage made by MoJ]