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Meet the online shop Local EclecticLocal Eclectic is all about emerging and independent jewelry designers and unique pieces.
It’s a fabulous place to drool over fine jewelry. Launched back in 2013 to share their favorite emerging and indie jewelry designers, they – read : Founder Alexis Nido-Russo and Co. – slimmed it down to jewelry only.
Below is a little Q&A with Alexis, explaining us how to pick new pieces and more!

Q&A with Alexis:

Where did the idea for Local Eclectic come from?
“I wanted to create an online destination where girls like me could shop the best of the best from emerging and indie designers. When I started the company in November 2013, we weren’t focused on jewelry at the time, it was everything from clothing to home goods. The current iteration of the business came about really organically once I saw that our customers were gravitating to jewelry.”

What makes Local Eclectic different from other online stores?
“Our focus is jewelry and we’ve really honed in on that market and while there are other shops who focus on indie designers, we set ourselves apart by trying to offer really accessible price points. We have a range so you’ll find everything from fine to semi-fine and fashion jewelry. We’ve also really fine-tuned our aesthetic and brand over the past few years which has helped in taking the brand to the next level.”

Moonstone & Diamond Hexagon ring by Carrie Elizabeth Jewelry & To Have & To Hold ring by Lust and Luster

What do you love about jewelry?
“I love that it’s the finishing touch that pulls everything together. But what’s really funny is that after having the business for 3.5 years, I don’t wear that much jewelry except for my staple pieces; it’s like I’ve been overexposed. I love looking at jewelry and discovering new designers that I haven’t seen anywhere else that I know our customers will die for.”

What are your current favorite pieces?
“We just launched the Circle Teardrop Moonstone ring with Melanie Auld which she designed exclusively for us that I’m obsessed with. The Snow Queen Dainty ring from Tippy Taste is so sparkly and delicious and shockingly affordable. EVERYTHING from Charlie and Marcelle! And the Freya ring from Materia Prima will probably be my next purchase…I just love it!”

Who are the Local Eclectic buyers/customers?
“What type of customers do you try to reach? Girls, girls, girls and the guys and gals that shop for them! Our customers are women looking for something that’s a little different. She’s looking for jewelry that is high quality, nothing mass produced and fair prices.”


[All images thanks to Local Eclectic]


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