Loren Nicole : Hellenas

Earlier this year, in May actually, Loren Nicole launched her incredible ancient inspired collection Hellenas. Think Greek gods & goddesses and lots of gold & silver…
Loren Nicole is the ancient world reimagined, celebrating the techniques and aesthetics of ancient goldsmiths and our shared global history. They pull inspiration from the ancient world and indigenous peoples from across the world, focusing on how different artisans create texture through material culture. All of the jewelry is handmade locally in Venice, California using responsibly sourced materials.

Here is my little Q&A with designer Nicole:

Who do you design for?
Loren Nicole is for the modern man and woman who have an appreciation for design, craftsmanship, and history.  He or she is interested in buying jewelry as a piece of art to collect. My client is someone buying a gift for his or herself, something to cherish for years, something that is not about the latest trends. Our jewelry is meant to bring joy, be playful at times and inspire.  It is versatile, to be worn with a t-shirt and jeans or an evening gown.

Where do you take inspiration from?
The ancient world and indigenous peoples most heavily inform Loren Nicole aesthetics and techniques.  My archaeological background has provided a wealth of knowledge to incorporate into the design and approach to our collection.  In our first collection, Hellenes, we focused heavily on the Ancient Mediterranean (Greece, Italy) exploring their classic combination of high karat yellow gold and rock crystal, granulation and handwoven chains.  We borrowed some common ancient Greek motifs, such as the rosette, adapting them into the modern dialogue.  Our next collection explores texture in the plant woven jewelry of the Dayak, the indigenous peoples of southern Borneo.

How do you feel once you’ve seen a creation on paper coming to life?
I don’t generally illustrate my designs prior to creating.  If I’m designing a stone heavy piece, Ill place all of the stones on the table and start playing with different arrangements. If it is all high karat gold, I’ll start with a texture, motif or technique I would like to explore.  That being said, it is incredibly rewarding to finish a piece, be a simple bezel set ring to a complex 2-month long project.  I’ll usually spend the next day or two wearing it around the house in my pajamas, occasionally marveling at in the mirror.  Then feeling passes and I am ready to begin the ritual again.




[All images thanks to Loren Nicole | Edits and collages by MoJ]



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