How would you feel about trying jewelry on at home? It’s possible! For all of you who love to shop online…keep on reading!
Memo brings the discovery of fine jewelry to your home with their home try-on service. I really like the concept. The modern and quite personal approach to retail/fine jewelry grants customers a three-day complimentary loan in which you can see, feel and try on jewelry before making a purchase. Comes in handy if you’re asking me because jewelry always looks even better if you get to see them in real scale and on yourself or matched/layered/stacked with your other jewels. Try before you buy!

Here’s a Q&A about Memo with Deb LaBudde, Founder of Memo:

Who is MEMO?
Memo is an online luxury destination to discover and experience fine jewelry. Stocking some of the world’s most coveted modern jewelry designers, Memo offers rich imagery and content that narrate the craft and inspiration behind each piece. Memo’s strong point of differentiation is its innovative service offering in which clients have the opportunity to take a product ‘on memo’ for a 3-day period — a home try-on service. The personal service provides clients the unique advantage to experience the product before committing to a purchase.

Where does ‘MEMO’ come from, what does it mean?
Memo comes from the long-standing tradition of jewelers allowing VIP clients to take pieces “on Memo” — to allow the customer to try on at home before purchasing them. When I learned of this tradition, I knew I wanted to identify a way to offer this great service to a much broader audience.

Where did the idea come from?
I have always loved discovering new jewelry designers, but the traditional shopping experience left something to be desired — pieces were often intimidatingly behind glass cases or starkly online with little explanation. Luxury retailers also tend to place minimal editorial focus on the fine jewelry sector leaving a gap between the designer and the customer. I wanted to connect with jewelry — and its designers — in a deeper, more meaningful way. I also wanted to create a retail environment that was more approachable, personal and experiential. Nothing delights me more than hearing those exact comments from our clients!

What is your current favorite piece from the site?
I can honestly say that there is a piece from every designer collection that I consider a favorite. It is important when we’re selecting designers that a piece or style stands out, perhaps a signature piece that defines their collection or captures their unique design aesthetic. That could be the exceptional detail of the Lions Head Bracelet from Lalaounis, the incredible micro pave work in Ileana Makri’s Dawn Pendant, or the real leaf pattern in Barbara Heinrich’s Leaf Cuff (all are pictured below). It is also amazing to see the talent and collections of some of our emerging designers evolve and come to life over the course of working with them. I’m a really big fan of each of their work and would consider myself incredibly fortunate to add a piece of their work to my jewelry collection!

Does Memo also help with selecting a piece? Some kind of stylist help perhaps?
Although the MEMO shopping experience begins online, our team is available to assist clients either with locating a certain type of piece on the site, with questions on sizing or styling, or in creating a custom piece with one of our designers. We recognize that most of our clients like the independence of discovering designers and collections via the website and trying pieces on at home on their own time but often with fine jewelry, the human touch is helpful and sometimes necessary to make sure a piece is right. Understanding our clients’ interests and needs also helps us better tailor a shopping experience that fits with what the current fine jewelry customer is searching for.


More on how Memo works here.



All images via Memo | Collages by MoJ



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