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Fellows Auction

Are you such a jewel lover as I am? Then this post might interest you very, very much. Especially if you like antique and vintage jewelry. Fellows, based in the UK, has auctions every now and then. Worthy to check it out once in a while to discover you might want to add to your […]

Jewel Lover : Kari

Today I am happy to share with you, well no, I’m happy Kari is sharing with you her favorite jewelry pieces and their story. I know lovely Kari only via Instagram. She is a huge jewelry enthusiast. A reason why adore her. I know she loves gold, her dogs, shark tooths but also much more. […]

Rhodes Photo Diary

  As some might know via¬†Instagram, I went on holiday to Rhodes in Greece last week. Besides blue skies and blue water I have also seen beautiful shiny things. Especially for you I have shot some images to share with you so you can see by yourself what kind of jewelry you find over there. […]