Rhodes Photo Diary

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As some might know via Instagram, I went on holiday to Rhodes in Greece last week.
Besides blue skies and blue water I have also seen beautiful shiny things.
Especially for you I have shot some images to share with you so you can see by yourself what kind of jewelry you find over there. Besides shop (a lot!!) who sell all the same there are also handmade jewelry to find. Just a little harder to find.
Most silver jewelry you see in this post can be seen closer and purchased online here and some of the golden ones here.

rhodes photo diary 0 - madeofjewelry

My new Evil Eye necklace.


rhodes photo diary collar - madeofjewelry
Completely adored those collars, which FYI are available here.

 rhodes photo diary 1 - madeofjewelry


rhodes photo diary 3 - madeofjewelry


rhodes photo diary 4 - madeofjewelry
The Witch & Cat shop.

 rhodos photo diary 5 - madeofjewelry


rhodes photo diary 6 - madeofjewelry
Beautiful lamps in the Old Town.


 rhodes photo diary 7 - madeofjewelry
Some gold-plated pieces.


rhodes photo diary 8 - madeofjewelry
Sea-inspired ring and pendant by the Italian brand Misis.

rhodes photo diary 10 - madeofjewelry


rhodes photo diary 11 - madeofjewelry
Pearls, pearls, pearls.


rhodes photo diary 12 - madeofjewelry
Rings are available here.

rhodos photo diary 13 - madeofjewelry


rhodes photo diary 14 - madeofjewelry
I instantly fell in love with this classy and elegant bracelet seen in Lindos.

rhodos photo diary 15 - madeofjewelry



[All images by Made of Jewelry]