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Now this is what I cal an elegant Mohawk. The Fallen Mohawk & Stud by Sophie Alice Hirsch has a clean and elegant design.
The combination of silver and black feathers works very well in this earring design. A Mohawk earring in one ear and a black stone stud in the other. Are you willing to get these and to show them off to me? Yes please! C’mon pretty ladies, get them ASAP.
Also, take a look at her other Fallen pieces from Sophie’s Fallen Woman collection (Fallen includes black feathers while Woman includes white feathers).If you like the Mohawk & Stud, you will also adore the other pieces of the collection.

sophie alice hirsch fallen mohawk earring - madeofjewelry

sophie alice hirsch jewellery - madeofjewelry 
 The Mohawk earring as seen from every angle



[All images via and from Sophie Alice Hirsch | Collage by MoJ]