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Ruby Dagger

The first time I ever loved a dagger was when I fell in love with Bon25 Jovi‘s music and discoverd their logo (dagger through heart). The second time was when I saw Jewels for Gypsies Diamond Ruby dagger studs. They are set with a single diamond in the hilt, and finished with an oxidized gold […]


Knock knock! The Door-Knocker series by Linn Lømo features unique and pure design details. The series is influenced by travels through some of Europe’s greatest cities and their rich history. The doors in these cities have distinct elaborate door knockers that fuse function and design and are in their own way, beautiful works of art. These Door-Knocker […]

July Birthstone

Ruby is one of the most unique gems in the world. It is also known as the July birthstone. This gem features a unique look that is famous for its bright red appearance. Fine-quality ruby is extremely rare, and the color of the gem is most important to its value. Rubies come in many shades […]

March Birthstone

The birthstone of March is aquamarine. A beautiful pale blue color to deep blue. This color actually reminds me of a sunny Spring day with blue skies. Or a beautiful island surrounded by an amazing blue ocean. Aquamrine as in oceanic colors. Describes the blue color pretty good huh? Not a coincidence aquamarine in Latin means “water of […]

Rough Beauty

Designer Nicole Rimedio creates jewelry that highlights the natural beauty of raw materials. Nicole founded Variance Objects in 2013 with her partner Scott. Scott captures the beauty of Nicole’s jewelry in his photography of each piece she creates; he also manages sales and operations for Variance.  They both have a passion for gemstones and together they source the […]


Now this is what I cal an elegant Mohawk. The Fallen Mohawk & Stud by Sophie Alice Hirsch has a clean and elegant design. The combination of silver and black feathers works very well in this earring design. A Mohawk earring in one ear and a black stone stud in the other. Are you willing […]


  Today it’s all about Stinne Holm. I completely adore her jewels and their style. So contemporary, edgy and modern. Her jewelry pieces are quite graphic and I like that. So today, even it was hard, I decided to feature Stinne’s oxidised Folded studs. I totally love every of her Folded and Shard pieces. Yes, all of […]

Petite Punk

I am just gonna say it: I love Luv Aj‘s Petitie Punk collection. And I know you too…ha! The rings, the earrings, the necklaces, the handpieces, the bodychains….all are perfect. Yes, the entire collection is made to fall in love with. Pieces to be won every day and for every moment. I luv the Petite […]