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Crossed Pearls

If you love pearls and diamonds, then you might like this classy ring too. German based designer Yana Nesper is known for her pearl jewelry. Her pearl collections are modern yet classic and sophisticated. The X-ring with South Sea pearls is so pretty. I’m sure you agree with me. It has this elegant, flawless look […]


Knock knock! The Door-Knocker series by Linn Lømo features unique and pure design details. The series is influenced by travels through some of Europe’s greatest cities and their rich history. The doors in these cities have distinct elaborate door knockers that fuse function and design and are in their own way, beautiful works of art. These Door-Knocker […]

Wonderful Amara

Oldie but a goodie. High jeweler Nicholas Liu has designed this Amara ring a little while ago (last year to be more precise) but I thought I had to show it to you all. The design of this ring is very interesting. It ain’t a simple band ring or whatsoever. The Amara ring is part of Nicholas’ Daedalus collection. The […]

Dripping Pearl

I recently was scrolling through Bottica‘s online shop and this ring instantly caught my eye. The unique design along with the pearl and diamond detail just had me. Since it’s June and this months birthstone is the pearl, I just had to put this beauty in the spotlights. This piece was created and influenced by the way […]

June Birthstone

It’s June! If you were born in this month than the pearl is your birthstone. Although, June has three birtstones. Pearl symbolizes success, happiness, and love. This stone is more special compared to any other birthstones. Why? It’s simple: it is the only gem of organic origin, whereas all other gem stones are of inorganic […]

Silver Pearl Line

  This luxurious cuff had instantly all of my attention. Edgy and modern way of wearing pearls. This is Nancy Newberg’s Oxidized Silver Pearl Line cuff. A contemporary piece with twisted rope design, pearls, tiny diamonds and an oxidized finish. A gorgeous cuff which is sure to impress!

Fine Structure

I recently got very lucky to collaborate with Kelly Bello Design. Since MoJ hasn’t been build out yet as something bigger than what it is now and I don’t have a photographer (neither a hairstylist!), I although tried the best I could to take some good images of the Stretched Triangle necklace. Anyways, the necklace is such a marvelous […]

Pearls & Diamonds

LA-based designer Stacy Nolan Soper of Nolan Jewelry has a beautiful range of jewelry. A down-home girl with modern sensibilities and a dedication to quality, Stacy is an American classic. Her jewelry has attitude without pretension and is wearable with everything from jeans to a cocktail dress. Because she uses only the highest quality materials, her […]